High Quality Outdoor Camping Cookware (15-Pieces)

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Camping and Picnic Full Set of Aluminum Cookware - 15 pieces

Camping season is always on no matter what season we are. That is why you need cookware that will stand the test of times. Listed here, we have a beautiful 15-pieces set of cookware for outdoor activities whether it is camping or picnic. Made of aluminum alloy this set is light weight, complete and detailed with pots, pans and bowls. This set will not rust after a few wash and will keep its look after cleaning and cooking too. The set also features the plastic strainer, the plastic bowl for your salad and fruits.

Comes as a set of 15 pieces bagged in a satchel.


Disposable: No
Style: Outdoor
Can Hold Boiling Water or Not: Applicable
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Type: Bowl
Model: Bowl pot pan set
Straw Length: None
Bag Style: Satchel
Capacity: 2-3
Capacity: 2L
Appearance: Kidney Shape
Frying Pan Size ((Diameter x Height)): 200mmx 55mm
Pot Size (Diameter x Height): 195mm x130mm
In the pot Size(D*H): 173mmx95mm
Small Pot Size(D*H): 148mmx87mm
Item: Bowl Pot Pan set

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