Redecorate your Garden for Spring

Spring is now amongst us since last weekend and the time to redecorate a garden has come. When you redecorate a garden, you will have to look at the overall final when completed. Some aspects of the garden, you will need to consider is the overall look, whether it is achieved with accessories like lights, lanterns, fountains, planters or big ticket items like benches, trellis, garden statues.

Redecorate a garden with the right lighting

Colorful Hummingbird Haven Fountain
Hummingbird Haven Fountain

Let’s have a look at the lighting of your garden, for example. In getting the right lighting for your garden, you will want to set the right mood. You don’t want to overdo it by putting lanterns and lights everywhere. Not only it kills the serene and peaceful ambiance, you are trying to get but you may also upset your next doo neighbors too. When you redecorate your garden, you will want to consider whether you are planning to wire your garden with electricity or by simply going the economic route with solar-powered lights and lanterns.

Other factors to look at when you redecorate a garden or even a deck are the colors you will want to display and observe. Keep in mind, you don’t want blue lights clashing with other lanterns showing green or yellow colors.  Try to have the colors in your garden to mesh together and complete each other.

If you look at our various outdoor lights and lanterns, you will discover a vast array of lanterns and solar-powered lights displaying various colors, you will truly enjoy.

Redecorate a garden with a calming water fountain

Sitting in your garden on a beautiful and peaceful evening, listening to the water trickling from a fountain can create a great addition to any gardens. Again, like you did for the lighting, you need to consider if your fountain will be solar powered, or electrically powered. The choice is yours. At JB Gifts and Novelties, we give you both options. Unlike garden lights and lanterns, fountains can run when you turn it on for the time you want to watch and listen to it. With lanterns, it is a bit different. So opting for the electrical choice is also a viable option.

Getting the right fountain depends on the overall look mentioned earlier. As an example, you don’t want to put a fountain with a Roman style when your garden has an overall rustic look. Choose your fountain wisely since your outdoor fountain may be the focal piece of your garden. Most of the fountains at JB Gifts and Novelties come with their own pump and function on a normal electrical circuit. They are quality-built with either rigid plastic or polyresin.

Redecorate a garden with stunning flower planters

Green Garden Planter Set
Jade Planter Trio

When you redecorate a garden, you will plant flowers directly in your raise beds or in the ground near a tree or simply alongside your house. Adding planters with flowers or your favorite greenery is also an option. Displaying them in colorful and wisely designed planters will bring this extra beauty look.

We have in our store, some very nice planters which I invite you too look at. The sets come in three different sizes (small, medium and large). They have the drainage holes to allow rain water to circulate in your planter. They are generally made of ceramic, wood, and metal. Our best sellers remain the Cobalt Planter Trio and the Jade Planter Trio. They are cheaply priced and very affordable for the value.


In a nutshell, to redecorate a garden requires some thinking on your part but at JB Gifts and Novelties, you will find all the lighting, fountains, and accessories you need to make your garden the best one in your neighborhood. Please take the time to visit our Lighting and Lanterns category as well as our Outdoor and Garden category.

Any questions, please feel free to email us for ideas or suggestions, on what you are looking for. If you need more than one particular item, email us prior and ask us for a quote on a garden package. You can contact us by visiting our Contact Us page or emailing us at