Planning a Wedding on a Budget

The wedding season is approaching and for many of you ou there, it is getting down to crunch time in the planning process. One of the key components of the wedding planning is the reception. You need to figure out, while keeping the theme in mind of the wedding, how you will decorate the reception location and in some cases at the church too.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding other considerations come to mind. Considerations like candles outside on semi-windy day could be problematic. You will definitely have to consider flowers but you can use your own vases without spending tons of money at the flower shop for arrangements you may not be entirely satisfied with.

For an indoor reception candleholder to decorate the head table and each tables as well will add a lot of charms and beauty to your wedding décor. Here are some decorative ideas to consider:


The choice of decoration at the reception will always reside with couple getting married. After all, it is their day and it has to be memorable. They think of all the infinite details and that’s fine. You as the one in charge can always make recommendations which will take some things off their mind and help them by focusing on the bigger elements of this great day.

Take for example the choice of the head table, the guest book table, the table where the wedding cake will, the table where the gusts will be sitting. Burning light to any event could have a significant meaning to the couple. try to remember that and propose it in the arrangements. At JB Gifts and Novelties, we have a great assortment of candle holders, which can be part of the head table or being at any specific tables of your choices.

Victorian Hurricane Lantern

Dazzling Crystals Hurricane LanternWhat is beautiful about the Victorian Hurricane Lantern is that it has this a lacy base and dazzling crystals. It gives this candle holder an older Victorian and luxurious look but it easily adapts to any décor.  It makes a great centerpiece, it’s easy to place and candles for this one are so easy to get. It is made of iron and glass and it is not heavy.

If you are worried the weight on the shipping for a large order, the weight of this candle holder is not a problem. Each unit weighs just over half a pound. It’s base is 5 1/4 inches. At a wedding each of these lanterns will add a romantic reminder of gentle bygone days. It is also a great candle holder to place at home either or on your dining table or have a couple on a mantel. The creativity is up to you. The base is made of metal and the cup is made of glass.

The price of the Victorian Hurricane Lantern is $12.99,  but we will entertain a discount either on the units or the shipping  on large bulk orders. Pease inquire with us by sending us an email.

Lace Cutout Candelabra

The Lace Cutout Candelabra is also another great selection to decorate your wedding whether at the service or at the reception. It has a lacy base and dazzling crystals all around. One great piece for centerpiece at a head table or at any of the guests tables, the Lace Cutout Candelabra has the delicate butLace Featured Tabletop Candelabra stunning effect to complement your wedding reception décor.

The two candle glass cups are hanging from its metal stand. They have a white finish to add on to its beauty. The Lace Cutout Candelabra adds an old-world charm. This one like the Victorian Hurricane Lantern is a romantic reminder of gentle bygone days, filling your home with nostalgic candlelight. Weighing 1.4 lbs. the candelabra measures nearly 15 inches in height. It is also available in case lot and discount on the unit or the shipping can be entertained for large orders.

It is made of iron and glass and the candles are not included. It is a great décor complement for your home as well whether it is located on the dining table, in the bedroom or even on the mantel. Its beauty will reign anywhere. We are selling it at only $12.99, per unit so a great deal if you look at our competitors who offer the same products like on Ebay or Amazon.

Dawn Lily Triple Candleholder

Also featured in our selection of candleholders is the Dawn Lily Triple Candleholder. A popular item for wedding decoration and even amongst our local customers, the Dawn Lily Triple Candleholder has beautiful sparkling lights and glorious lilies displayed by the candlelight. It is made of iron, glass and acrylic.

Triple Lilies Centerpiece Candle HolderIt features three lily flowers where you insert your candles / tea lights in a glass cup and as well it is complemented with three faceted buds to add to the “bouquet”. The base is made of metal is round the leaves are also made of metal as well as the stems. The Dawn Lily Triple Candleholder is a great piece for a dining table at home just like it can be the talk of the wedding as a table decoration either at the church or outdoor at the service or simply at the reception. This candleholder waits for your creation.

It only weighs approximately 2 lbs. and measures just under 17 inches. It is a stable piece that will not top over unnecessarily. At JB Gifts and Novelties, the Dawn Lily Triple candleholder is offered at $19.95 but again like all the candle holders we hold we will provide a discount on large orders (Case Lot) whether it is per unit or on the shipping.

White Lotus Candleholder

This candle holder is just exquisite beauty. This White Lotus Candleholder brings beauty and simplicity. Your décor will go up a few notches 10015500 - Lotus Centerpiece Candleholder - 2with when you decorate your table with this gorgeous White Lotus Candleholder.  Its a stunning accent solo, and when you add two or more to your table or mantel the room will fill with a special glow.

It is made of stoneware and a tea light or small candle can be inserted for the added beauty. It weighs just under 1 lbs. This one is also perfect for your guest’s tables as a centerpiece or two depending on the length of the tables. They also come in blue if the theme of your wedding has some blue tints in it.

We offer the White Lotus Candleholder as a unit at $13.99 or we can provide large orders and incorporate a discount either on a as per unit or in the shipping cost. Simply email us to find out.

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Vases may also be an option to consider when decorating for a wedding reception or it can also be a gift for the newly weds. As mentioned before our choice is great and prices are even greater. All you need to do is see it for yourself HERE!

Let’s have a look at what type of vases you may want to consider for your wedding planning.

Circular Candle Stand With Vase

Circular Vase with CandleholdersWhen placing fresh flowers in this vase, you will see its true beauty. It will just intensify as you lit the candles surrounding it. It has a black metal frame which will hold a tapered glass vase that will be surrounded by six glass candle cups. The dramatic display will be amazing and is well worth it.

The vase measures 4″ x 4″ x 9 3/4″ high. The overall weight of the Circular Candle Stand is 2.2 lbs. Overall, it measures 10.2″ x 9.75″ x 10.8″. It has all the right size to make a remarkable centerpiece or simply decorate the head table for the newlyweds. You can also place it strategically at the service on a pillar near the wedding party for the full effect.

We offer the Circular Candle Stand with Vase at a great economic price. Here, you can get it at the price of $15.99 and of course as mentioned above, please feel free to inquire with us on a case lot package where we can work a price suitable for your needs.

Scrollwork Candle Stand With Vase

Candle Stand Holder with VaseVery similar to the one we just described this one features more metal “curlies” to the stand it holds the vase into. It does still holds a vase in the center where you can insert fresh blooms (roses?) and all around you will find six glass candle cups where you can lit candles to add to the stunning effect this vase will provide. The candles are not included with this vase.

The vase measures 4″ x 4″ x 9″ high. It overall size is: 14.9″ x 14.9″ x 12.5″.  At JB Gifts and Novelties, we are offering this Scrollwork Candle Stand With Vase at a very affordable price of $24.99. Large orders can also be entertained for this unit, if required. Mixing and matching with the Circular Candle Stand with Vase we described above can also be ordered.

It is a great candle stand to have as a centerpiece whether it is for the head table, your guest’s tables or at the service itself. The possibilities are endless. Every photos the photograph will want to take may include this beautiful vase with candles.

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