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One collection that has stood the test of times at JB Gifts and Novelties is the Nantucket Collection. The Nantucket Collection features small to medium size storage cabinets that can be placed in a bathroom or a bedroom. The charm and look of our Nantucket collection will take your breath away. They have that nautical look while fitting right in in any type of home décor. Their features do remind you of the little south of Cape Cod with a seaside flair.

Our Nantucket cabinets are perfect to easily store bathroom accessories, towels, linens, medications and any keepsake you want to keep away and out of sight. Most of them will have a single door compartment couple with dual or single shelving. Upon receipt, they are easy and simple to assemble. The Nantucket Collection has always been one of the most popular items we had and sold in our store. They have been around since 2007 and we continue to sell that special collection, like if it was the newest creation. This proves the authenticity of the product, it’s quality and style not getting old at all.

Let’s have a look at some we have in our store today.

Nantucket Shelf Cabinet

Nantucket Shelf Cabinet

Nothing is complicated with the Nantucket Collection, yet they are efficient in the design they build their storage cabinets. The perfect example is the Nantucket Shelf Cabinet. This cabinet is perfect if you wish to store away towels, shampoo and soaps. It is a decorator’s perfect accessory to complement the design and renovation of an older bathroom in need of a breath of fresh air.  The Nantucket Shelf Cabinet comes complete with a storage compartment at the bottom and an open shelving system on top for display or easy access.

It is only available in the color of white. Actually all Nantucket products are white, which is a reminder of the region’s seaside cottage furniture. It is made of MDF wood with all the hardware needed to put it together and an easy to follow instructions leaflet to put it together.

Weighing 20 lbs., it is easy to move around. Its height will reach  a reasonable 33 inches on 4 wooden legs, as part of the main frame. This is not an IKEA product and it will last.

Priced at an exceptional price of $74.99, it will provide you the economical value desired for a newly renovated bathroom.

Nantucket Wall Cabinet

White Bathroom Storage Cabinet
Nantucket Wall Cabinet

In the Nantucket Wall Cabinet, you get the charm and practicality coming together in perfect harmony. This cabinet is wall mounted and provide great storage space for razors, nail clippers, brushes, extra toothbrushes and so much more. One of the great features of this cabinet is its two Nantucket-style doors and two pullout drawers, along with its open display shelf.

It has style and charm and so much practicality. Once again, it easy to put together and it has all the hardware needed. We admit that it is one of our most popular Nantucket Collection cabinet. It can go anywhere in the home. Although it is perfect for the bathroom, you can easily place it in a bedroom, a spare bathroom, a hallway or a kitchen. As well, if you have a personal office in your house, you can easily use this cabinet to store your stationaries. The possibilities are endless.

It weighs 21.5 lbs. and it measures 24.5 inches in height by 19.5 inches width. Its depth is approximately 8 inches. It is made of MDF wood and wood (doors and drawers).

Currently our Nantucket Wall Cabinet is Out of Stock, but we are expecting to receive our new stock by June 19th. If you wish to put a pre-order, feel free to register as a member and contact us to let us know. We will set one aside for you. Like all products, the Nantucket Wall Cabinet comes at a very affordable price of $64.99. When you look at our competitors on Ebay and Amazon, you will notice a huge difference. The same cabinet will be hovering in the vicinity of $75.00.

Nantucket Storage Cabinet

Bathroom Storage for Linen and Towels
Nantucket Storage Cabinet

One other Nantucket cabinet we hold is the Nantucket Storage Cabinet. Similar look to the Nantucket Shelf cabinet, the Storage Cabinet version from the Nantucket Collection is part of the original version that first came to our store over 9 years ago. This one is big on storage yet surprisingly sleek. The shelf and cabinet combination can be tucked anywhere for instant organization. A winning style addition for any room in your home.

Ideal to store your bathroom essentials or your quick access linen, this Nantucket Storage Cabinet is a great addition. It features a single 3/4 door to avoid dust to rest on your fresh towels and an open shelf for the items needed at the ready. White in color, like all the Nantucket Collection, this storage cabinet blends very well with any home décor you design.

The Nantucket Storage Cabinet measures 27 1.2 inches in height and is 13 1/2 inches wide. An easy to maneuver cabinet, it weighs 18.9 lbs. Like all our other Nantucket cabinets, it comes with all the simple instructions needed and the hardware to solidly put it together. Framing is made of wood with just the right white stain and the side panels are made of MDF wood.

At JB Gifts and Novelties, you will find this Nantucket Storage Cabinet at a very reasonable price of $44.99. Our competitors on Ebay range this cabinet in the high-40’s to mid-50 dollars. Worth the check and come back to take advantage of this great deal!

Nantucket Tall Storage Cabinet

Tall Linen Storage Cabinet
Nantucket Tall Storage Cabinet

The big brother of the Nantucket Storage Cabinet is the Nantucket Tall Storage Cabinet. Like his little brother this storage cabinet has it all. Featured in our store at a great price of $64.99. This same product on Ebay sold by our competitors are not even close to beat our price as they range from $70.95 to $110.00 dollars. Can we say more?

With the Nantucket Tall Storage Cabinet, you will find a thousand uses for this fashionable organizer. It will go from the bathroom to the kitchen to the home office to the living room. Possibilities are endless. This beautiful storage cabinet has a sleek louvered styling and a bright white finish that will let this handsome shelf unit brighten most of any décor, you can imagine. This item is also very popular in the collection because of the small space it occupies and the storage it gives back. If you have a small apartment or a cozy condo, you may want to consider this storage cabinet to clear the clutter.

The tall version of the Nantucket Storage Cabinet measures 65 inches in height and is only 13 1.2 inches wide, so space, space and more space is the key here! Think of the big picture with this cabinet, you need to maximize storage without taking more floor space with a cumbersome cabinet in the way.

In this article, we have looked at 4 different type of cabinets in the Nantucket Collection. The collection in total has 6 Nantucket designed storage cabinets for the bathroom or any room you’d like to make a splash in. It is a great collection and has been a very reliable of collection in our small furniture and cabinet department. If you are in the process of renovating a bathroom or redecorate a family room or add a home office, consider these Nantucket style cabinets, you won’t regret it. if you wish to have a detailed look at our Nantucket cabinets and see the other two from the collection, simply click on the button below.

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