Decorating with Vases

Decorating with vases in a room can be tricky. First, you need to see if your vases will the function of holding your favorite flowers or if they will simply be empty and bring all the glamour by themselves. Second if you are accessorizing with vases, you need to know the style of vases you will have, the color arrangement and will they well with your furniture and wall color. Finally, one other consideration is the shape. A tall straight vase will make a difference and standout, while a medium size vase in a round shape, may blend more with other trinquets or sculptures in a room. Those are little points to consider but important in the redecoration of a home or a room where you have to add your touch.

Origin of Vases



Vases or Vessel of pottery are made of pottery, glass, metal, stone, wood, or synthetic material. The pottery vase was anciently employed as a container for water (a hydria), wine and other products (an amphora), or oil (a lekythus), or for mixing and serving wine and water (a crater). It had one or two handles, sometimes a lip or spout, and frequently a base or foot.

On many occasions vases were pointed to thrust into the ground or was set into a frame holder for support. Large covered vases were used for general storage purposes. The cinerary (cremation) vase, or urn, has been common throughout historical times, a famous one being the Portland vase. Modern vases are widely used for flowers. Beautiful in form and embellished with incised patterns, modeled or painted figures or scenes, and sometimes inscriptions, the vase became a work of art in early times.

Greek painted vases are in form and color among the most exquisite examples of ancient art. Vases or their fragments discovered in burial chambers and through excavations in various countries serve as records of the manners, customs, and history of their peoples. Buddhist and Christian altar objects include the vase, usually of silver or gold with chased or modeled designs of exquisite workmanship.

Bronze and brass are much employed for vases in Asia, as well as porcelain, carved jade, and crystal in China and enamelware in the Satsuma and Kutani vases of Japan. The vase of cloisonné is also much in evidence in East Asia. The Persian pottery type is famous for its blue-green color, French Sèvres for miniature medallions, English Wedgwood for cameo reliefs, and American Rookwood for rich tones and underglaze painting.

Colorful Vases

When you have colorful vases, you want them to stand out. Always consider the location prior to acquire a vase with a more vibrant color. When you consider the future location and the color matching, remember the many vases are made of glass and near a window, it will have the sun piercing through which brings an astonishing result.

Red and Amber Glass Decorative Vase
Crimson Sunset Art Glass Vase

As an example take our CRIMSON SUNSET ART GLASS VASE. The Crimson Sunset Art Glass vase has a beautiful mixture of red and amber with a touch of clear class. If you were to place that particular vase in a room near a large window, the morning sun would bring great natural colors in that vase area. The Crimson Glass vase consist of a sparkling freeform shape. These colors celebrates the beauty of an autumn sunset. As for the shape, it is different than your normal vase. It has this remarkable abstract artwork. Adding flowers to the Crimson will definitely bring your room up a notch, no doubt. When you consider this, the shape, the color and the future location are all factors to consider when decorating with vases.

Let’s have a look at other vases that will bring the similar effect. In our online store at JB Gifts and Novelties, we have an assortment of glass, stoneware, ceramic and wood.

Emerald Art Glass Vase

Green Tint Art Glass Vase
Emerald Art Glass Vase – $24.95

The Emerald Art Glass is a beautiful piece. Like many of our vases the Emeral Art Glass Vase has a vibrant green tint flowing through. This stunning art glass vase has a unique shape looks just as spectacular empty as it does with a fresh bouquet of flowers. As mentioned above, you can set it near a window and watch as sunlight streams through making this vase even more beautiful.

It measures 8.5 inches in height so it doesn’t fall in the tall standing vase but it has the height to hold some of your favorite flowers from the garden. It weighs just over 4 1.2 lbs., so the vase is not too heavy but heavy enough to be stable.

The Emerald Art Glass vase is relatively cheap at only $24.95 at JB Gifts and Novelties. Check it out today here.

Duo Tone Modern Vase

Purple and Blue Glass Vase
Duo Tone Modern Art Glass Vase – $79.95

One vase that caught my breath away, which you can easily purchase at a very low price is the Dual Tone Modern Vase. The vase has beautiful violet and indigo tint mixed in with clear glass. Again as mentioned earlier, near a window with the sun beaming, this vase will display remarkable colors.

The Duo Tone Modern Vase has a very unique shape and form. It looks almost like a sculpture. It is resplendent in hues of violet and indigo which is a nice match. The patterns of color’s flows also stands alone to create this sculpture effect.

The vase is of high-quality and again, the JB Gifts and Novelties staff pulls no punches in offering this modern vase for a very affordable price. Retailed at $129.95 from many other vendors on Ebay, we sell it for $79.95.

As for weight and height of this beautiful vase, you will be happy to read that it weighs 12.8 lbs. and it is 16 1/2 inches tall. You can have it sitting alone on a tabletop near a window and enjoy the true colors on a sunny day.

Dreamscape Art Glass Vase

Artistic Decorative Glass Vase
Dreamscape Art Glass Vase – $39.95

One other vase that is astonishing, is the Dreamscape Art Glass Vase. The shape is really the same as the one we looked at but the colors will leave you speechless. Once in your favorite room, you will not let your eyes wander away.

All the beguiling colors of a splendid dream are captured in glass for you to enjoy during waking hours. As lovely filled with your favorite blooms as it is alone, you will have your dreams come to life with this artistic vase.   Not as tall as the Dual Tone, the Dreamscape Art Glass vase measures just about 10 1/2 inches tall. It has a reasonable weight of nearly 4 lbs.

This is another vase that is priced right with the look of luxury style vase. We offer it at a very low price of $39.95.



Those three vases shown above are only fine examples of how colors and shapes can be important factors when decorating with vases. If you have a peek at our vases, you will see, we have all kind of shapes and colors that will suit your requirements. Why going with a simple clear vase, when you can get a beautiful artistic vase and still be able to put your flowers in it.

With the wedding season fast approaching, these vases make for a beautiful wedding gift. It will also make a really nice house warming present for new owners moving in their new house. All ideas for the perfect gifts at JB Gifts and Novelties.

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